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Environmental Land Surveying

Environmental Land Surveying Services

At Bello & Bello we are deeply concerned about the needs of a sustainable land development, proper protection of coastal and fresh water resources.

Bello & Bello is very familiar with the complexity of environmental permits at municipal, county and state level and we assist our clients in supplying survey maps and all necessary data for processing permits with local Environmental Resource Management Agencies, SFWMD and Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

“ A nation that destroys it soils destroys itself”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • Topographic and Tree Surveys
  • Surveys for Tree Removal Permits
  • Boundary and Topos for Class I, II, III and IV Permits
  • D-5 (D-5 Triangle) Boundary Lines Determination
  • Wetlands Delineation Surveys
  • Wetland Fill Permits
  • Site elevations for fill volume calculations
  • Historic Sites Surveys
  • Indian Cemetery Burial Surveys
  • Seawall restoration surveys
  • Mean High Water Line Surveys (MHWL)
  • CCCL - Coastal Construction Control Line Setback Surveys
  • One-Hundred-Year (100 Yr.) Storm Elevations (FEMA, LOMAs, LOMRs Elevation Certificates)
  • Bulk Head Line Surveys
  • Surveys and Elevations for General Coastal Permits
  • Docking Facilities Surveys
  • UDB distance surveys

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We offer rush services in these areas.

We Serve St Lucie, Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, Martin and Monroe Counties

We cover the entire State of Florida including but not limited to all South Florida and the East Coast: St Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. Please, give us a call to discuss pricing and turnaround on the specific location of your survey.

  • State of Florida Surveyor Business License #: LB7262
  • State of Florida Professional Surveyor & Mapper License #: LS6169
  • Miami-Dade County SBE/AE Cert. No. 16079