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Bello & Bello is a leader in providing survey construction services. We have earned a great reputation with a proven tract of successfully completed projects. It is with great pride that we drive the streets of our city and can tell our children that “we took a part on the construction of this building, and that one, and that road…..and so on.”

Our construction services, led by Ms. Kenia Bello are provided with precision and especial attention to the rigid time constraints inherent to that industry.

For each construction project we make sure that proper and reliable horizontal control points and based lines, as well as site Temporary Bench Marks (TBMs) with elevations are set in the field before commencement. We understand Zoning District’s guidelines and we carefully examine Foundation and Site Plans, plotting proposed structures within real lot boundaries and suggest the necessary adjustments to ensure that proposed construction is being laid out observing minimum building setbacks and height restrictions by code or variances.

We are very familiar with the multiple steps of construction and inspections that vary from city to city and from county to county. We ensure that our contractors are provided with the appropriate partial surveys and certifications needed at every stage of the project to comply with construction sequence and building officials guidelines.

  • Plot Plans/Site Plans
  • Horizontal/Vertical Control establishment
  • Base Line – Grid Lines – Minimum Building setbacks lines set
  • Temporary Bench Marks (TBMs)
  • Building envelopes lay-out and off sets.
  • Piles lay-out
  • Paving, Lay-Outs and As-Builts
  • Right of Way improvements and utility Lay-Outs
  • Water Sewage As-Builts
  • Form Board – Foundation Surveys
  • Tie Beam Elevations (Spot Surveys)
  • Top of Ridge elevations
  • Partial and Final As-Builts
  • Grade Elevations
  • Final Surveys
  • Final Elevation Certificates
  • Pump Station Surveys and As-Builts
  • Utility Easement Legals
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We offer rush services in these areas.

We Serve St Lucie, Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, Martin and Monroe Counties

We cover the entire State of Florida including but not limited to all South Florida and the East Coast: St Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. Please, give us a call to discuss pricing and turnaround on the specific location of your survey.

  • State of Florida Surveyor Business License #: LB7262
  • State of Florida Professional Surveyor & Mapper License #: LS6169
  • Miami-Dade County SBE/AE Cert. No. 16079